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The Adirondack State Park of New York consists of a grouping of private and public lands combined with recreational use areas that are designed to maximize outdoor enjoyment and a day to day lifestyle that is commensurate with the beauty and solitude of the Adirondacks. It should be noted that the Adirondack State Park is the largest Natural Park in the United States. Although approximately one third of the park is owned privately, it has been developed in such a way that has promoted a balance between man, animal, beauty and the diversified ecosystem that exists here in the northeastern United States The Adirondack Living Estates (ALE) development consists of over two hundred acres in the southern most portion of the Adirondack Park. It also borders the Great Sacandaga Lake, the largest man made lake in the State of New York. 20+ building sites are currently available for you and your family to enjoy all that this pristine piece of nature offers.

Land Lots Currently Available
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Lot #7 is reserved for the Homeowners Association to be used for parking and lake access.

Available for Sale

Lots: 5, 6, 9

Already Sold

Lots: 1, 2, 10

The land opposite lot #'s 7, 8, and 9 is the Phase ll future subdivision currently in progress.

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Adirondack Living Estates (ALE) combines diverse, beautiful homes with the nature-rich Adirondack park in Upstate New York. When you visit ALE, you will find the place that satisfies your longing for seclusion and down-time with family and friends. You will discover countless opportunities, during all four seasons, for recreation-available to all ages- on the Great Sacandaga Lake and in the forests, just outside your door! Just a short ride away, enjoy numerous and varied Adirondack Park hiking, skiing and snowmobile trails, allowing your family to experience the mountains, water falls and wildlife year round. You will be close to quaint small towns, with mom and pop businesses, as well as museums and galleries which will elevate your understanding of the culture and heritage of YOUR new community.

Let ALE be the beautiful opening to the next, more enriching, part of YOUR life!

Life patterns have become extremely hectic over the last few decades. Many psychologists feel the pressures of everyday life have had a negative effect on the typical family. It is widely accepted that one must take time to "reset" in their daily lives. We must step away from the day to day routine and begin to reacquire our natural life needs. Healthy food, adequate time to contemplate, coupled with fresh air, sunshine and quiet nights, is one of the best medicines to restore energy and really appreciate life. Adirondack Living Estates is that place! Located in Upstate New York, this gateway has all you need to make one "whole" again. Whether you are retired, a professional, starting a new career or a single parent raising a family, this Adirondack escape provides a very private, protected haven to live your life in total serenity and comfort. The cost of living is reasonable and the services are ample to allow you to live a lifestyle you may have only dreamed of.

About ALE Adirondack Attractions | New York State Things to Do

Current weather on the Great Sacandaga Lake from the Plateau Skytop Airport in Edinburg.

Adirondack Attractions | New York State Things to Do

People can pick up a video of the creation of the lake on this web site.

Organizations controlling the lake.

Hudson River-Black River Regulating District

Sacandaga Protection Committee

Great Sacandaga Lake Association

Lifestyle Home Choices

We offer “only the best” and trust that the our target clients feel the same way as we do. You can TRUST our home suppliers. Check them out!

The Adirondack Living Estates planners felt it important to assist you and your family in selecting just the right home and building firm to suit your needs. For that reason we have spent years in research to isolate just the right dependable firms located in the Eastern United States to provide a home type that is suitable to your expectations. We offer the four types of home styles available in the housing industry. You will find that our home choices are premier at a cost which is very reasonable. We offer “only the best” and trust that the our target clients feel the same way as we do. You can TRUST our home suppliers. Check them out !


The ALE team, one of the most successful building firms in New York State, has chosen to utilize the systems-built custom modular components from Icon Legacy Custom Modular Homes, LLC in ALE’s homes because of the quality materials and workmanship that goes into each custom module. Advantage Builders, has been designing custom modular homes using modules manufactured by Icon Legacy since 2013. Advantage Builders is based in nearby Amsterdam where they have developed a deep understanding and experience in constructing pre-manufactured homes that are suited to our climate and landscape. They have a strong, positive customer base here in the southern Adirondacks that has grown as a result of their “can do” attitude and their customer focus. We are confident that ALE clients will be similarly delighted by the Advantage Builders’ ability to deliver homes that exceed customer expectations. Icon legacy is proud to acknowledge Advantage Builders as a New York Independent Builder endeavoring to provide fair priced housing, leaving their “Legacy” on the Adirondack Region. We all agree here at ALE that Advantage Builders will help to further our vision of homes that suit the community price range and lifestyle.



Many clients choose the standard conventional wood frame home because they know that we can provide plans or adapt their designs to meet your needs and your wishes. ALE has a very creative advanced planning department to meet your varied aspirations. Our design team is staffed with an AIA certified Architect and N.Y.S. Licensed Land and Soil engineer. Six professional building firms are available to walk you through the building process, and to create the house of your dreams. Many of our clients are from out of the area and have to rely on our planning staff to oversee the preparation and construction of their home. Selecting the ALE team gives you the assurance that your builder will keep you updated on the progress of your project through the internet, telephone, videos and photos. We become your trusted on-site eyes and ears. Our clients find that building their home with ALE is a rewarding process that helps them to make their vision of an Adirondack Lifestyle, a reality.


The Timber Frame Home is a well suited home for the Adirondack Region. We offer the Brownell Lumber Co. Post and Beam Home kits. These homes are well known for their beauty and for how they embody the Adirondack life. Brownell Lumber Co. has been manufacturing and distributing these homes in the northeastern part of the United States since 1962. They are manufactured in the Town of Edinburg and serviced by local contractors and builders with extensive experience creating this unique type of home. The company offers a wide variety of designs, styles and shapes to suit almost any concept imaginable. Brownell offers planners, Architects, and Engineers to assist you and your family in planning your new home environment. Not only is the Brownell post and beam home aesthetically pleasing, it is also by far one of the most energy efficient homes available. Their homes are in full compliance the current N.Y.S. Energy code. They have a state-of-the-art moisture control construction technology that ensures that your internal environment is precisely controlled. This environmental control minimizes allergies and other discomforts caused by poorly conditioned air. This in turn helps deliver the superbly trouble free lifestyle that ALE prides itself in delivering to our clients. We are happy to offer this exciting home style.


Log Homes

One would surely expect to see a natural log home on rustic lands like those found in the ALE located in the Adirondack State Park. We understand that the Log Home would be an important part of our offering. After much research, we decided that we would offer the Expedition Log Homes, one of the premier log home companies in the United States. They have worked hard to develop building systems that deliver the insulating rates required in the modern building world and also continue to deliver a beautiful log look. J.C. Timmins, the company that represents them here in the central part of New York State has a long track record of building with special emphasis on rustic timber and log construction. They have crafted several beautiful log homes in our region. These masterpieces have been created with respect to the craftsmanship and quality construction that the firm delivers. If your interest is in log homes then the Timmins personnel will carefully guide you through the planning process and ensure that you and your family will be able to enjoy your new wonderland in a handcrafted log home.





Meet Michelle! She is the mascot of Adirondack Living Estates. She also carries the title of “Chief of Security” at ALE. Records indicate that Michele is six years old and has born nearly sixteen offspring in her life. From what we can gather she was born on Sinclair Point (or the islands close by) and has lived here most of her life. We are fairly certain that she has traveled as far south as northern Florida (through sightings) and we know that she is a “frequent flyer” to Canada because of the blue Canadian Tag on her right leg. The silver tag is the American tag. She has an approximate two thousand mile travel radius. She could live anywhere. Obviously, she knows how to enjoy life at middle age. Currently she is “single” and simply appears to be serene just watching over her “estate”. But who knows – she is beautiful and what male Eagle could pass her up. She does get a little “smarter” each year. We would like to welcome you to the “security wing” of Adirondack Living Estates. Nothing escapes Michele’s keen senses.

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